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This value dynamic is about how the organization does what it does – the systems & processes; controls & governance; and building ownership in people to do the tasks. This is its muscle. The 3 elements of this are:

Engagement & Ownership:This is about ensuring that all people have the opportunity to share their views & insights and are involved in decision making appropriately. Also that shared understanding is built amongst people. When these are strong, they provide a reason and pull for people to get involved with the organization with greater amount of ownership. In its absence or weakness, the effectiveness of this value will be reduced.

Systems & Processes:This is about ensuring that various operations are standardized through processes and there are adequate measures in place to assess effectiveness of those processes. When these are strong, they ensure cost competitiveness of the organization through high levels of efficiency. They also ensure high levels of stakeholder satisfaction. Not having this creates lost opportunity for growth through reduced profitability.

Controls & Governance:This is about meeting the regulatory requirements, having clear financial & decision making authority guidelines and mechanisms to monitor effectiveness of the governance processes. When this is strong, it establishes the organization/ entity as having good & transparent governance mechanisms that enhances its reputation as a corporate citizen. Strength in this also makes financial decision making easier across the organization. Absence or weakness of this is likely to reduce involvement and the effectiveness of the enterprise value as a lot of time could get wasted in figuring out if what the organization has done is indeed correct. On the flip side an excessive of controls that are not principle based or enabling can make the organization/ entity bureaucratic or stifling for its people.