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This value dynamic is about what the organization does, who it serves (its market) – something it gets paid for. This is its compass. The 3 elements of this are:

Markets & Customers:This is about having a clear knowledge of which our customers/ markets are; having ways to continuously assess the market needs to be able to develop the right offerings. It is also about having the right sales & marketing strategies to service the customer needs effectively. When these are strong in the organization/ entity, it is likely to be sustainable in the market for long. Not knowing/ having this adequately will jeopardize its primary sustainability.

Products & Services:This is about having the relevant offerings (products/ services) to meet the market/ customer needs and ensuring they are differentiated enough to give the company a competitive edge. It is also about having the mechanisms to continuously develop offerings for emerging customer needs. When these are strong, the organization is likely to be step(s) ahead of competition. Not knowing/ having this will erode margins over a period of time.

Delivery Capacity & Capability:This is about having the right kind of skills, expertise, material & financial resources required to be able to produce the goods/ service & meet the needs of the market and customers. It is also about having the systemic capability to continuously stay competitive. When these are strong, conversion of ideas to reality is likely to happen on a sustained basis. Not having this adequately will hamper growth & expansion.