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We are COrE Creators

Our purpose in the consulting business is to Co-Create COrE Value.

Culture Value

Value in the Culture dimension is created, unlocked, and/or value loss arrested, when there is alignment around identity & reputation, values & behaviours, and norms & practices.

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Organization Value

Value in the Organization dimension is created, unlocked and/or value loss arrested, when execution is strengthened through employee engagement & ownership; dynamic systems & processes, and effective controls & governance.

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Enterprise Value

Value in the Enterprise dimension is created, unlocked and/or value loss arrested, when there is clarity about the markets & customers we serve; the products & services we provide and the delivery capacity & capability required.

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We do not believe that "Numbers" are the "be all, end all" for any organization.
But, it's quite an important marker.


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Our Beliefs

The consistent practice of our beliefs leads to trusting credible relationships.

Innovation through learning

We believe that learning from diverse sources contributes significantly to innovation.

Our consulting approach enables divers learning resulting in new value being created.

Respect through transparency

We believe transparency is at the heart of trusting relationships leading to respect for each other.

In our consulting approach, we practice and promote transparency through our conduct enhancing respect amongst all stakeholders.

Ownership through collaboration

We believe that when people collaborate, they have ownership of the outcomes.

Our consulting approach enables collaboration of all stakeholders leading to their ownership.

Agility through responsiveness

We believe that in today's era responsive individuals and organizations are more agile.

In our consulting approach, we bring agility through our responsiveness in serving the purpose at hand.

Start Co-Creating COrE Value

The best way to create value is by working towards it.

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COrE Creators was formed by a few long established consultants successfully operating in the marketplaces of Australasia, S.E.Asia, S.Asia and the Middle East/North Africa

Our name COrE Creators is a combination of our process approach to consulting, Co-Creation; and our focus on the outcome of delivering Core Value.

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